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ePaper is “green” to practice low-carbon energy saving

12 6 月, 2023

June 5, 2023, will be the 52nd World Environment Day and the 9th Environment Day in China.
The purpose of this day is to arouse the whole society of the world to practice green production and lifestyle, to think about how to promote green sustainable development from multiple levels and perspectives, and to build a modern harmonious coexistence between man and nature.


Protect the earth’s home with the power of science and technology


In March 2023, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report stating that”the impact of global warming caused by human activities, mainly through the emission of greenhouse gases, is already more profound and extreme than expected.”


These huge emissions from all walks of life in the world, ensure global sustainable development, and take the responsibility of the industry at the same time, for the”dual carbon” strategy, energy conservation, and emission reduction to provide technological innovation and technological transformation, in the realization of sustainable development on the road to continuous investment and exploration is necessary.

E-paper displays energy saving first


In recent years, energy saving and environmental protection have been paid more and more attention. In the past, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics was the first major international event held after China put forward the two-carbon goal, and through the implementation of more than 30 low-carbon measures, a total of 950,000 to 1.03 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions were reduced.

The emission reduction principle corresponding to various low-carbon measures implemented in the Beijing Winter Olympics can be divided into four categories: energy saving, using clean energy, provincial materials, and low-carbon materials replacement.


During the Winter Olympic Games, volunteers wear electronic paper smart badges and use electronic paper displays as the interface to realize a “massive and rapid refresh” of graphic information; The use of electronic paper” passive constant display” design, the use of mobile phone NFC function communication to obtain electricity, truly realize the green and low-carbon concept, so that ice and snow events greener, smarter, more wonderful.



2023 is a crucial year for the planet and for each of us as we recover from a global pandemic. The choices we make, the changes we make, and whatever we do to make nature better will help make our planet green and low-carbon.

How strong is the energy-saving efficiency of electronic paper


With the establishment of the public low-carbon concept, all walks of life are also constantly innovating and upgrading, tending to low-carbon energy-saving production methods and products, and promoting the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. Therefore, the global green low-carbon transformation is not only in life, construction, electricity, industry, transportation, and other aspects but also requires multiple, environmentally friendly, and intelligent paperless applications to jointly build.


So how strong are the energy-saving and low-carbon benefits of electronic paper?


According to E Ink’s research data, it compared the carbon dioxide emissions of different display interfaces such as LCD and e-paper and found that e-paper displays have significant energy saving and low-carbon benefits.





Take the 10-inch electronic paper billboard to replace the same size LCD billboard as an example, continue to use for 5 years and change the display screen 4 times a day, each time used to produce these electronic paper electricity, relatively saving the earth 400 degrees of electricity consumption; Taking the 7-inch display as an example, the annual electricity consumption of the LCD screen is about 78.84 degrees, and the annual power consumption of the 7.4-inch e-paper display is only 0.0042 degrees. Under the same size and time, the annual energy consumption of LCD screen products is nearly 20,000 times that of e-paper products. Taking a 55-inch LCD bus stop as an example, the energy consumption of the electronic paper bus stop is only 0.8%(1/120)of that of the LCD bus stop; In the past five years, about 130 million electronic paper readers have been used in the world, assuming that 130 million electronic paper readers download an average of 10 books per year if the LCD tablet computer is read, it will produce 100,000 times the carbon dioxide emissions.


The increasing expansion of the electronic paper application market and fields, under the increasingly mature technology,  will produce huge benefits for the green carbon reduction process of the whole society.


As a manufacturing and service provider of e-paper display technology in the field of Internet of Things, DKE has actively responded to the dual-carbon strategy in recent years, vigorously practiced the concept of environmental protection and low-carbon development, and provided the best e-paper Internet of Things solutions for global customers.


In the future, we will continue to adhere to the concept of scientific and technological innovation and sustainable green, increase the research and development of e-paper products and technologies, and work with e-paper industry partners to bring green,low-carbon, recyclable, digital economy of smart Internet of things innovation application, build a green smart new life, and promote the development of green smart new direction.





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