What is the difference between an E Ink display and an LCD display?


E Ink displays reflect the ambient light in a room, exactly like printed paper, while LCD displays use a strong backlight that is modulated using liquid crystals. Because E Ink displays work like a printed page, they are not as tiring on eyes as an LCD screen.

How much power does an E Ink Matrix display consume?


E Ink Matrix displays are bi-stable. This means that they only consume power while the display is being updated. No power is required to maintain an image after it has been updated. The power required to for the update process depends on the size of the display but is of the order of microwatts.

What kind of hardware definitions to light up my e-paper display?
You need to design a Boost circuit to provide VGH and other voltages to the e-paper display according to our specifications, and then software design by MCU can light up the e-paper screen.
What is the data interface of an e-paper display?
AIO driver IC products are SPI interfaces, except for 7.5-inch 8159 driver IC, other sizes 24PIN definitions are the same.
What is the refresh time of the e-paper?
In order for customers to have a better display effect
-black and white BN series: 3-4S (above 20℃)
-black and white low-temperature BS series: 30-50s (-25℃)
-black and white red RW series: 18-20s (20-30℃)
-black and white yellow YN series: 25 to 30 s (20-30 ℃)
Why will there be a flashing effect when the electronic refresh?
This is the nature of the E-ink displays, through the black and white flickering effect to remove the image and ghost of the previous screen.
Demo board functions?
Our Demo board is just for customers to evaluate the e-paper display screen.
It is divided into the motherboard and BOOST driver board; USB powered. The customer can upload the picture through the upper computer. There are four buttons that can display three pictures and a whole white picture.



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