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In the era of smart home, E-paper enhances smart life

19 6 月, 2023


In the era of smart home 3.0, electronic paper improves the functional advantages of”smart” new scenes of life
With the rapid development of science and technology and the economy, the Internet of Things has gradually affected all walks of life and begun to be closely related to our lives. Among them, the smart home is the key application field of the Internet of Things in the home environment, and the future evolution direction will focus on the overall improvement of the intelligence level.


In this issue, “E” from the insight column, Xiaobian will lead you to start from the development process of smart home, look at the current 3.0 era to guide the development of the industry with new definitions and explore how electronic paper displays can enable the functional advantages of the new development trend scene of smart home, and help the industry to achieve service extension and value maximization.


Review the three stages of smart home development”New Home”3.0 era


The smart home is the product of the integration of artificial intelligence technology and Internet of Things technology in the smart home scene, and its core is to make the smart home system think, make decisions, predict and schedule user habits and home environment like humans,  to provide convenient, comfortable, safe and healthy smart life.

The White Paper on the development of China’s smart Home in 2023 points out that from single products, linkage to personalization, the development of smart homes goes through three stages.





1.0 Single product era with intelligent single-product equipment as the core, people through manual, voice, remote control, and other ways to complete the control; In the era of 2.0 intelligent interconnection, diversified home scenes have become the core to meet the diverse needs of families; Entering the era of 3.0 active intelligence, the smart home combines home life such as home intelligent control, information exchange, and consumer services with the help of new technology applications, giving users support in life and providing intelligent services.


3.0 era with new interpretation to guide the development of the industry”smart” life is the core


China’s smart home has entered the 3.0 era, and new technologies allow products to sense, think, automate execution, and provide personalized services based on big data, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of the”smart life” trend.


The trend of”smart life” is reflected as”exquisite”, which is the consumption trend triggered by the upgrading of users’ concepts; “Intelligence” is the product development trend brought about by the iteration and upgrading of new technologies. The new era of the home has brought about the rise of the “smart life”, making the popularity of smart home products more extensive and more national, and gradually replacing traditional home products.



The smart home market continues to grow at a considerable rate


In recent years, thanks to the improvement in income and the continuous pursuit of a comfortable quality family life, the market penetration and intelligence level of smart homes have been boosted, and the demand has continued to grow.



At present, China is in the comprehensive intelligent outbreak period of smart homes, and the impact of the epidemic on the market economy is gradually easing; At the same time, under the stimulation of the epidemic, people pay more attention to the improvement of home happiness and experience, and the growth rate of smart home development continues to rise in the post-epidemic home era.


It can be seen that although smart home is an emerging industry in recent years, it has strong potential in the market.


E-paper display technology enables”smart” life scene functional advantages


The rapid development of the Internet of Things era has given the smart home industry ushered in a new round of changes, a full category,multi-scene, more convenient whole-house intelligent solutions have become an urgent need for users, which is also a new path and a new track for industry transformation.


In recent years, because of its bistable and reflective technical characteristics, e-paper displays have become the ideal interface for displaying smart home products in the whole house, such as temperature control centers, electrical remote controls, temperature and humidity meters, alarm clocks, electronic desk calendar, PM2.5 and formaldehyde detectors, intelligent weight scales, home medical equipment, etc. It greatly improves the functional advantages of”smart” life scenes in the smart home 3.0 era and is recognized and chosen by users.


A richer experience at a lower cost



With the iteration of smart home products, the increased types and functions are all enriching people’s experience. Choose e-paper smart products, on the surface, although the product is more expensive; However, in the long run, it not only consumes low power and saves money, but also contributes to environmental protection.

Healthier comfort and convenience



Various smart home system functions greatly reduce operating costs and meet people’s pursuit of a better life experience. Electronic paper smart products have the same visual effect as paper, minimizing the harmful blue light that interferes with health, and making smart life greener and healthier.

A greener living environment



In today’s society, the concept of green is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and energy saving and environmental protection have become a consideration for people’s consumption. Based on these considerations, the existence of e-paper smart home products greatly solves these pain points and effectively reduces energy consumption, energy saving, and emission reduction.

Each product is based on consumer demand and development, as long as the demand continues, there will always be corresponding products that appear and exist, and the advantages of electronic paper display technology to smart home products are in line with consumer expectations and pursuit, which are the meaning of its existence.




DKE can provide a variety of types and sizes of e-paper products for professional smart homes and smart community overall solution equipment, create different whole-house intelligent scenes, realize a variety of devices to work together, and continuously improve safety, convenience, comfort, and artistry.


Smart home products will become more diversified, will become more popular, and no longer just” a little smart”, but can have”big wisdom”.These new categories of products will require a series of new devices and technologies to enable them to bring more benefits to consumers.


As a manufacturer and service provider of e-paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things, DKE has always been committed to making e-paper enter every family and every organization, and build an intelligent world where everything is connected.
In the future, we will realize the full integration of electronic paper display products and technology with the industry, and continue to deepen our work with upstream and downstream partners in the electronic paper industry, giving smart home products more functional advantages and characteristics, extending the scope of industry services, and maximizing the value of comprehensive intelligent services.






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