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Express electronic paper waybill “new standard”

5 6 月, 2023

Recently approved the release of the national standard” Express Electronic Waybill”, for the development of the postal industry to further adapt to the digital transformation, and constantly optimize and improve the experience of employees and users to provide technical support.

According to the new standard, express delivery enterprises and e-commerce business entities should use radio frequency identification(RFID), mobile phone virtual security numbers, electronic paper, and other technological means to fully encrypt personal information on express electronic waybills.


Express electronic waybill”new national standard” to technology-driven


An electronic waybill is the”ID card” of express delivery. The release of”Electronic Waybill”(GB/T 41833-2022)is conducive to improving operation efficiency, reducing operating costs, making it more environmentally friendly, and optimizing for express delivery enterprises. For users, it improves delivery efficiency, enhances user experience, and ensures information security. For government departments, it will facilitate the implementation of effective supervision.
The release of the”new national standard” stipulated the category, composition, and specifications of the domestic express electronic waybill, regional division, information requirements, technical requirements, environmental requirements, test methods, transportation, and storage, is to deepen the green postal industry, digital reform of the important basic standard, marking the intelligent express equipment has become a need.

The new standard is more technologically innovative










In recent years, the scientific and technological innovation achievements of the postal express industry are abundant, which are also fully demonstrated in a small express electronic waybill.
For example, according to the new standard, express delivery enterprises, and e-commerce business entities should use radio frequency identification(RFID), mobile phone virtual security number, electronic paper, and other technical means to fully encrypt the personal information on the express electronic waybill.

The new standards are greener




With the rapid development of the express delivery industry, the problem of packaging waste is also a concern for society.
Compared with the original industry standard, the”new national standard” has made clear provisions on the use of materials, environmental protection content is more comprehensive, and technical indicators are more specific, which not only ADAPTS to the development trend of the industry but also promotes the conservation of resources.

Electronic paper display industry”new national standard” development accelerator


At the transition point of the industry, logistics and express enterprises have turned their attention to relying on continuous investment in science and technology to achieve digital and green innovation.
The application of electronic paper technology mentioned in”New National Standard” of”Express Electronic Waybill” is also an emerging application scenario in intelligent logistics in recent years, where the electronic paper display is used as the display medium of the brilliant sheet.











By combining the characteristics of electronic paper display paper, thin,ultra-low power consumption, passive constant display with RFID and other wireless technologies and sensors, passive or active electronic sheets can be formed. After the completion of digital construction, it can improve the efficiency and time limit of express processing, provide an information guarantee for automatic sorting, and reduce the cost of traditional sheets.



In the DKE e-paper industry Chain Inspection Center, the e-paper logistics turnover label and e-paper storage label displayed by DKE show how e-paper display can reduce the consumable cost and carbon emission of packaging and turnover in the industry application, and help the transformation and development of the industry with innovative technology.




As a manufacturing service provider of electronic paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things, DKE is committed to bringing electronic paper into every family and organization and building an intelligent world where everything is connected.


In the future, we will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technology and put display technology innovation into practice together with e-paper industry partners to meet the diversified new needs of the express logistics industry and promote new upgrading.





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