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ePaper Display @ Green City is the Future

Green Technology

-Innovation and sustainable low-carbon products

-Reducing light pollution

-Saving trees by replacing paper


Green Manufacturing

-Low-carbon, energy-saving operation

-More power from renewable sources

DKE - ePpaper display technology product manufacturing service provider

DKE - ePpaper display technology product manufacturing service provider

Innovative applications of ePaper are used everywhere

Retail, Medical, Office, Education, Advertising, Home, Transportation,

ePaper Display with Green Future 60+ categories

ePaper Display with Green Future

Green Development for Products Innovation

  • The display relies on ambient or external light sources, eliminating the need for a continuous power-consuming backlight. This reduces power consumption, lowers carbon emissions, and promotes environmental friendliness.

  • ePaper consumes minimal power only during displayed image changes, and when the display is static, it requires no power at all. This makes it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly compared to conventional displays.

The vision of the ePaper industry

The vision of the ePaper industry

Since 2022, BMW, Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, Philips, and TPV have released ePaper-related products and information, following e-readers, e-books, and new retail e-price tags, what is the next explosive new application of ePaper? What are the development status and trends of the global ePaper industry? What is the current state of color ePaper technology?

As a new ePaper display technology manufacturing service supplier in the field of IoT, DKE will continue to deepen its ePaper products and technologies and work with upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain to lay out multiple IoT subdivisions to jointly help the development of the Internet of Things, accelerate the process of smart city construction, and enable more people to enjoy a more convenient, smarter and more comfortable lifestyle.



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