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E-paper display escort beautiful “vision” world, the future “eye” color is unlimited

10 7 月, 2023


In the hot June that has just ended, sending off the college entrance examination and ending the middle school entrance examination, students will carry their bags to go to the future and open a new chapter in life.

When the graduation season arrives, the frequency of students’ use of electronic products has increased significantly. Today, Xiaobian leads you to start from the most worthy concern of the impact of electronic product screens on the eyes and look at what is the real eye-protection display screen.


What is a truly eye-friendly display? The effects of monitor selection on the eyes


The problem of”excessive” eye use by children becomes a focus topic every holiday, and according to the World Health Organization, the number of children and adolescents with visual impairment worldwide will increase to 510 million by 2050.
How to let children use electronic products to enjoy the holiday while also protecting their eyes, the choice of display on the impact of the eyes is crucial.

First, stroboscopic


The harm of stroboscopic mainly lies in the rapid changes in light and dark caused by eye fatigue and even damage to neurological health, which is why many eye protection display devices claim not to flash the screen, while traditional LCD and OLED because of screen life considerations are difficult to achieve true stroboscopic.



Secondly, Blue Light


Research published by the Harvard School of Public Health shows that the stress of blue light on retinal cells can lead to photooxidative retinal damage, which is an”active oxidizing substance” that accumulates with screen time, causing more stress and injury.

Third, brightness, and contrast


The brightness mainly considers the ratio of the brightness of the ambient light and the brightness of the screen, and the contrast mainly focuses on the dark details of the screen content, and the appropriate brightness and contrast are to help see the content and reduce eye fatigue.



Fourth, anti-glare


Glare mainly refers to the bright spots reflected by external light sources on the screen, which can harm vision and cause symptoms such as dizziness. Traditional screens use fog, coating, or anti-glare film to solve such problems or adjust the Angle of the display to make the bright spots disappear.



E-paper displays protect eye health Beautiful”eye” field”eye” color unlimited


The eyes are the window of the soul, and eye health is an important part of national health, involving the whole life of people of all ages.
With the increasing popularity of electronic products in the digital era, we face the screen more and more time, based on whether mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other 3C electronic products display interface eye care principle is the same, choose a healthy eye care display is particularly important.




With zero power consumption and bistable advantages, electronic paper terminal display devices gradually enable a new experience in the new era. Electronic paper is a display technology that does not glow itself and relies on natural light reflection imaging. As a new carrier of text information display, it can better protect our bright”visual” world, which is more advantageous than the existing mainstream display technology.

The”paper-like display” feature of the electronic paper display is the use of electronic paper reflection technology, the use of the environmental light source to play on the electronic paper display, and then refract the light to our eyes, which is the same as the visual principle of traditional paper or objects in life, and does not need a backlight, and will not produce a strong sense of stimulation to the eyes after long-term reading.




Compared with the traditional liquid crystal display to still be visible under strong light and greatly increase the brightness of the backlight, the electronic paper display is the stronger the ambient light, the better the display effect, as the paper can be seen in the sun, it can be said that the pressure damage of the display backlight on the retinal cells can be removed from the source.

In addition, the electronic paper display of a “paper-like display” can be read without adjusting the product Angle, and the ultra-wide Angle of view can be read at any Angle of 180 degrees, and the picture contrast will not change.




Because of this, to promote high-quality health eye care”paper-like” electronic paper display products into the mainstream application field of strong interactive demand such as smart classrooms, artificial intelligence, and smart city, and create a huge”incremental market” for health display has become the current mainstream development trend.


As a manufacturing and service provider of e-paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things, DKE will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technology and join hands with industry partners through display”eye protection” technology innovation, maximize the application in the next generation of paper-like eye protection screen products, and widely invest in more industries and personal consumption fields to create value.





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