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Epaper helps “new consumption” experience transformation

29 5 月, 2023

Digital quality personalized — epaper helps “new consumption” experience transformation without a “paper” environment


Under the upgrading of consumption, digitalization, quality, and individuation have become the trend of current consumption upgrading. People’s home life consumption is no longer just the basic food, clothing, housing, and transportation, has been extended to a higher quality of life scenes and more healthy, comfortable, personalized life experiences.


Individual consumption drives the upgrading of consumption demand


Undoubtedly, with the upgrading of new consumer demand, everyone’s consumption mentality began to focus on”owning” to focus on”feeling” change, more inclined to pay to buy”experience”, to meet the psychological demands of”highlighting the unique design, the pursuit of a better life, the realization of personal value”.


The overall consumer market shows three iterations: set to meet basic needs, pay attention to consumption quality, and pay attention to consumption experience. It varies from person to person, “thousands of faces”, on this basis will produce higher quality, deeper level, and a wider range of consumer demand.
In the three-phase iterative consumption environment, traditional commodity presentation means can only meet basic functional needs. For example, the commodity presentation means that most stores, supermarkets, and stores can no longer adapt to the changes of the upgrading of consumption trends, and cannot meet the needs of consumers in the era of”new consumption”.



Electronic paper consumption experience transformation without a “paper” environment


How to meet this new demand and realize the transformation of”new consumption” has become a new proposition.
Many consumer products such as mobile phones, monitors, and watches are equipped with electronic paper displays. Going beyond the familiar application of e-paper in the field of the Internet of Things, taking it as a cross-border integration of digital display interface and commercial consumption, and realizing deep interaction with consumers in digital intelligence, quality, and personalization, is also a shortcut to reach the current consumption trend and upgrade.

Today, we will take you to have a look at the innovative applications of electronic paper that touch the current trend of diversification of consumption. 

One piece of clothing creates a”variety” wardrobe


Bergmeyer, an American design company, has collaborated with E Ink to create e-ink clothes using E Ink Prism e-paper display technology, which won Best in Show at the IDA Fashion Show in Boston, USA.
The Prism color-changing electronic paper applied on the surface of this garment is programmable and customizable. It presents gradual changes in seven different colors, narrowing the distance between static materials of traditional clothing and digital technology.

Eye absorption rate 100%backpack with screen


In Las Vegas CES 2017, Popi unveiled an e-ink backpack with a 10-inch flexible e-paper display that allows users to upload real-time selfies or social media images to the surface of the backpack screen.
The E ink screen backpack is designed to target a new generation of consumers with strong personalities and a love to socialize.
Wallet brings digital life experience.


The eponymous Wallet designed by the Wonder Wallet team uses e-paper display technology and can be used to store credit cards, bank cards, etc., as well as swipe bus passes.


The Wonder Wallet connects to a smartphone with built-in Bluetooth and displays photos, maps, schedules, and more on an e-paper display. When the wallet is left a certain distance will also issue a warning, with anti-theft and anti-loss functions.


This shoe has animation on it


American designer David Coelho has developed ShiftWear, which allows you to change patterns and colors.


The ShiftWear shoe has an e-paper display that allows users to be creative, changing patterns, and animations and, thanks to the reflective display technology, can be seen in direct sunlight.


In the current consumption environment, seizing new opportunities for consumption upgrading will surely promote the formation of new consumption growth points.


The characteristics of low carbon, energy saving, and healthy eye protection of electronic paper have been of great value in the consumer market. If intelligent terminal products applying electronic paper display technology can grasp the general trend of consumption upgrading, they will benefit from the insight into the new needs of users and their technological accumulation. It can be predicted that such products will shine in the future consumption scene.



As a manufacturing service provider of e-paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things, DKE will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technology in the future and work together with upstream and downstream partners in the e-paper industry to advance in multiple links such as product positioning, development and marketing in the”new consumption” market, to give greater expression to its value.





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