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Epaper Display technology wisdom enables libraries to create a “new space for pleasant reading”

24 7 月, 2023

Providing professional knowledge and information services is the key ability of libraries. Using intelligent means to build a three-dimensional, all-round, and wide-coverage knowledge service system is the historical opportunity and challenge of The Times brought to libraries by the intelligent society.

Libraries are getting smarter

The Proposal of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Formulating the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-range Goals for 2035 proposes to”promote the digitization of public culture.”Libraries have always been active advocates of modern information technology and beneficiaries of technological progress. With the continuous development of technology, the concept of a “smart library” has also come into being, aiming to solve the five core problems of”design, space, collection, reading, and management”existing in the library, starting from the five modules of infrastructure, intelligent equipment, space design, library map selection, and reading activity optimization, to create a”pleasant reading” library solution.



The ultimate goal of the smart library is that the management and service of the library can be completed intelligently without manual intervention, and the”library wisdom” of knowledge service can be greatly improved through the”technical wisdom” contained in modern science and technology,  to fully activate the”user wisdom” in the process of innovation and creation.

E-paper-“display technology intelligence” enabled

In recent years, electronic paper display technology has become increasingly mature and has been widely used in various industries and fields, bringing a lot of convenience to the Internet of Things era.

For the library, with the effective application of electronic paper display technology to build a smart library and promote the interconnection of equipment, book information, and users in the library, it can not only ensure the effective dissemination and utilization of collection resources but also bring more convenient, intelligent and accurate services to the majority of readers.

China Agricultural University Library



In 2019, the Library of China Agricultural University became the world’s first large-scale smart library equipped with an “electronic ink display”, supporting teachers and students to consult and write papers, read documents, digital book display, etc., without the acid or visual fatigue caused by LCD.


National University of Slovenia Library


In November 2022, the library of the National University of Slovenia installed e-paper signage to share information with visitors, thanks to the bistable and paper-like nature of e-paper displays are perfectly integrated with the library environment, and can update content efficiently in real-time.


Shanghai Library East Hall


In December 2022, the East Library of Shanghai Library applied nearly 10,000 black and white two-color electronic labels to replace the traditional paper search book number labels, and the e-paper display of the labels ensures that complex search book numbers and barcodes can be displayed under the soft light in the library.

E-paper display helps create”Yue Read new space”



At present, the number of intelligent devices in the library is increasing, which has greatly enhanced the service quality of the library and promoted the intelligent future development of the library. As can be seen from the above cases, e-paper displays also play their energy efficiency.


E-paper display reading similar to printed paper, with no backlight, very suitable for the eyes to face the display for a long time e-reader applications, get a healthy and comfortable immersive study experience, to create a”new space for reading.”


In addition, in the process of integrating smart devices into the library to provide information services, electronic paper displays, as a display medium, have ultra-low power consumption, and green and sustainable dynamic display capabilities, helping smart devices to play a more energy-saving and low-carbon performance, and building a new green reading space.

In the future, under the dual drive of technology and demand, more cultural Spaces at home and abroad will choose to apply smart devices to plan smart Spaces, build smart venues, innovate smart services, and promote smart management.


As a manufacturing and service provider of electronic paper display technology products in the field of the Internet of Things, DKE will continue to work together with industrial partners to promote the”display technology wisdom” of electronic paper so that the value of cultural space can be efficiently played.





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