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DKE Organizes Jiashan Employees for Blood Donation Campaign

31 7 月, 2023


To actively respond to the call of the Red Cross in Xitang Town, spread the concept of blood donation, and practice the glorious mission of selfless dedication to society, at 8:00 a.m. on July 28th, DKE organized Jiashan employees to carry out the public welfare activity of blood donation. A total of 106 employees actively participated in the registration of this blood donation activity, among which 61 employees successfully donated blood, and the total blood donation amounted to 15,700 ml. 




At the scene of the activity, most employees were enthusiastic and orderly. Under the guidance of medical staff, they filled in the registration form seriously and actively cooperated with the initial blood screening check. Employees who met the blood donation standard rolled up their sleeves for love and donated their passion and strength. A bag of bright red blood passed the love, a red blood donation certificate recorded the true feelings, and a bright smile interpreted the positive energy.



Among the employees who participated in the blood donation, there were both long-term blood donors and new faces who donated blood for the first time. All of them expressed that blood donation is both a responsibility and an obligation and as long as their physical conditions permit, they will persistently participate in this public welfare activity and pass on the love with their practical actions.



After the activity, in order to commend the advanced, carry forward the spirit of dedication, and further motivate all the staff to dedicate to the society, the Red Cross of Xitang Township and DKE honored the outstanding staff who participated in the blood donation and issued condolence gifts.



Blood donation is a noble social welfare cause, a red bond that transmits true love on earth, and an honorable obligation for every citizen. DKE hopes that every blood donor will continue to play an exemplary role in the future, and drive more employees to support and participate in it, so as to light up the light of life with practical actions, to transmit the positive energy of society with love and blood, and to converge the ocean of love with small drops of fine currents.






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