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E-paper-Cold Chain Logistics Technology Transformation Opportunities and Development

10 8 月, 2023

With the development needs of various industries and the continuous improvement of people’s consumption level, the demand for cold chain logistics is growing, and the diversified and personalized characteristics of the demand pattern are also coming to the fore. Traditional logistics can no longer adapt to the current changes in many aspects, and it is necessary to adapt to and explore the market demand through the innovation and transformation of cold chain logistics.


In recent years, in the sound cold chain logistics standards and service specification system, the innovative application of technology and equipment and other aspects of the favorable policy design, to see the transformation trend of cold chain logistics technology and e-paper how to fit the characteristics of its development into the “new kinetic energy”.



Responding to the development trend of modern circulation

Cold chain logistics favorable policies are frequently introduced


In recent years, China’s central departments and local governments have attached great importance to cold chain logistics, and put forward the requirements of improving the cold chain logistics system and supporting the construction of cold chain logistics infrastructure in several documents, to supervise the rapid improvement of cold chain logistics industry. The frequent introduction of favorable policies has undoubtedly promoted the role of cold chain logistics.


According to incomplete statistics, in 2022, more than 52 cold chain-related policies and plans have been issued at the national level, including the State Council, transportation and agriculture, and other competent authorities, with an overall focus on seven core development directions, namely: development planning, infrastructure, green development, equipment research, and development, segmentation of categories, transportation modes, and epidemic prevention and control.


The steady growth of market size in developed countries

China’s industrial space is considerable will be further enhanced


The cold chain industry in developed countries has a history of more than 150 years, and its development is in a leading position globally. In the past two years, the size of the cold chain market in North America, Europe, and Japan has continued to grow steadily, and their leadership is reflected in infrastructure, circulation rate, transportation, scientific and technological investment, and other aspects.





China’s cold chain logistics industry is entering a stage of rapid development, but there is still much room for growth compared with developed countries. According to the data from the Cold Chain Logistics Committee of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and Wisdom Research Consulting, as the industrial layout of cold chain logistics becomes more perfect, the national standards and favorable policies are gradually implemented, the demand for cold chain logistics in various industries continues to drive the development, and it is expected that it will grow to RMB 897 billion in 2025.


Cold chain logistics technology transformation

Opportunities and challenges for sustainable development of “Digitization”





Digital Cold Chain Logistics

With the development of cold chain logistics and the shortage of operational labor, users need to track and understand information such as the location, temperature, and time of storage and transportation of goods, and the integration of automation technology and management systems is an inevitable trend.


Intelligent Cold Chain Logistics

Using the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and other technical means to realize real-time transmission and sharing of logistics information, improve efficiency, realize intelligent management of cold chain logistics, reduce labor costs, and improve efficiency.


Sustainable cold chain logistics

The cold chain logistics industry will also increase its investment in and application of environmental protection and energy-saving technologies in the future to reduce carbon emissions, realize sustainable development, and improve the utilization efficiency of logistics resources through the circular economy and resource sharing.



DKE: Electronic paper display

New dynamics in line with the characteristics of cold chain logistics development


Cold chain logistics is a professional logistics that utilizes technical processes facilities and equipment to ensure that cold chain products are always under the specified temperature environment during the whole process.


Starting from the cold chain logistics application scenarios and practical problems of user enterprises, logistics automation under low-temperature environment has its specificity, such as the tolerance of frost on the surface of goods will lead to a very high rate of dropping of traditional paper labels in transit boxes, which will make the equipment appear to have problems such as reduced efficiency and reliability of information display.



The low-temperature series of e-paper displays are developed for the low-temperature environments of the retail and logistics industries in refrigerators or freezers. Adopting E Ink’s Aurora™ technology, the displays can be operated in environments ranging from -15 to 10°C and 0 to 50°C, and feature e-paper-like paper-like viewing sensations and an ultra-wide viewing angle, which makes them suitable for use in e-price tags, logistics labels, and healthcare applications.


In addition, the unique low-power characteristics and passive solutions of e-paper displays fit the characteristics of the technological transformation of the cold chain logistics industry. Applied to labels and face sheets, e-paper displays can be reused thousands of times and can be recovered for recycling, which significantly reduces the cost of packaging consumables, and avoids the problem of label shedding.



Nowadays, no matter from the national cold chain policy-oriented landing, or at all levels of logistics facilities and equipment infrastructure, or information technology management, and application, we can see the ever-changing changes in, the cold chain logistics industry will be more and more professional and mature.



As a professional manufacturing service provider of electronic paper display technology products in the field of the Internet of Things, DKE is always committed to letting electronic paper enter every family and every organization and building an intelligent world where everything is interconnected. In the future, we will realize the full combination of e-paper display products and technology with the industry, join hands with upstream and downstream partners in the e-paper industry to continue to cultivate, help promote the input and perfection of the new technology of e-paper display in the cold chain logistics industry, and empower the industry to explore and promote the benign development of the application field.





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