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E-paper and robotics industry ecological innovation and integration

28 8 月, 2023


From August 16 to 22, the 2023 World Robot Conference was held in Beijing, and the Report on the Development of China’s Robot Technology and Industry (2023) was released at the conference.


The report shows that the global robotics industry maintains a growth trend, and many countries worldwide have taken robotics as a competitive highland for technological innovation, accelerated the strategic layout, enriched the technological reserves, and perfected industrial construction.


Industry scale continues to grow

Development trend keywords



At present, the global robotics industry has entered a new round of change opportunities, driving human society to accelerate into the era of intelligence, when the robotics industry presents a more rapid change of intelligence, industry applications more diverse, and industry ecological integration of three development characteristics.


“Report” data show that in the first half of 2023, the production of industrial robots reached 222,000 sets, an increase of 5.4% year-on-year, while the production of service robots reached 3.53 million sets, an increase of 9.6% year-on-year.


Technology Continues to Innovate

Industry accelerates forward exploration


With the continuous intelligent upgrade of human production and lifestyle, robots’ applicable application scenarios are also expanding, and applications in many fields continue to accelerate the penetration of the industry to strongly support digital transformation and intelligent upgrading.



During the conference, 60 new products from around the world made their debut, and the vitality of continuous technological innovation was evident. Xiaomi’s just released second-generation quadruped robot Cyberdog2 became a hot spot and was even reported and praised favorably by CCTV.



E-paper display technology

Robotics niche innovation fusion on the ground


It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi CyberDog2 has made the maximum open source from the code and structure drawings, providing graphical programming and modular processing of various sensing capabilities.



Based on the continuous open-source ecology, DKE and Xiaomi Labs have jointly researched and developed to change the design limitations of traditional static display materials through the digital technology of e-paper dynamic display and to continuously promote the progress and perfection of bionic intelligent quadrupedal robots, which will genuinely enter the life and serve people in the future.



The continuous innovation and reliability of the display technology are essential in this electrochromic CyberDog 2. DKE adopts E Ink Prism 1 e-ink technology, which can be cut in any shape and pattern design, can be easily combined with other surface materials, structures, and applications, and can be customized and programmed to achieve the color transition between colors, to create color changes in an otherwise unchanging surface.


At the site of the 18th International Internet of Things Exhibition 2022 (IOTE2022), we exhibited the Prism series of e-paper display products, allowing guests and visitors to understand the dynamic design of this display material, which fully reflects the plasticity and breakthroughs of e-paper display technology in different fields, and by continuing to accelerate the deepening of technological products, we are truly going to the life of the Internet of Things, and boosting the intelligent upgrading of the production and lifestyle.


In recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, intelligent robots as the carrier and platform of advanced technologies, accelerated the deep integration with cutting-edge technologies, and brought far-reaching impacts on the form, function, and application scenarios; technological innovation capability is the mark of development and strength, and also the core of competitiveness.



DKE is a manufacturing service provider of electronic paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things, in the future, we will realize the full integration of electronic paper display products and technology with the ecology of various industries, and join hands with upstream and downstream partners in the electronic paper industry to continue to plow deeper, and the industry to better integrate the development of the industry and truly realize the value.





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