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12 10 月, 2023

On October 11, C-TOUCH&DISPLAY SHENZHEN2023 was successfully held in the new hall of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.


As the weather indicator exhibition of display touch, C-TOUCH&DISPLAY SHENZHEN2023 focuses on the keywords of”low carbon, recyclable, digital”, integrating the global new display, smart touch, and terminal application industry resources, aiming to further enlarge the role of the platform, fully display touch technology to empower thousands of industries and various traditional and emerging application scenarios, each shows their genius, shine. Thus to promote the deep integration and development of the entire industry.


As a manufacturer and service provider of electronic paper display technology and the president unit of the Guangdong Electronic Paper Industry Promotion Association, DKE gathered with you at this exhibition, actively play its core advantages in the field of electronic paper, in the process of presenting electronic paper display technology leading Zhixian’s future, More new display solutions and market insights in line with green,low-carbon and sustainable development will be brought to the exhibition site and brought to users, sharing the opportunity of this exhibition and jointly helping the industry to flourish.

Focus on the scene wonderful grab a “fresh” look

In 2023, the electronic paper industry, driven by the rapid development of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and 5G, and policy empowerment, continues to expand the terminal application field, playing a key role in a variety of application scenarios such as retail, medical, education, office, logistics, home, and transportation, and bringing new opportunities for display touch industry applications.

DKE Technology fully displayed different series of electronic paper display product technologies and green and low-carbon development concepts in the 6D80-5 exhibition area, attracting many participants to stop and consult, and the potential energy and characteristics of electronic paper display technology released by DKE is favored and concerned by everyone.

Product technology and solution display wall


DKE booth focused on a variety of sizes of standard lattice series three-color, E5 series four-color, and N Color series seven-color electronic paper display module products and multi-dimensional applications, bringing the most intuitive visual experience to the audience so that everyone has a deep understanding of electronic paper display materials and the latest development results.


In this exhibition, DKE electronic paper display module products not only improve the resolution and more diverse and saturated color combinations but can visually experience the color stunning at the same time, its ultra-low power consumption, passive constant display,ultra-wide Angle of view, green recyclable and other characteristics, can be widely used in supermarket, commercial display, office display, traffic display, smart industry, and other industry scenes. Enable the latest color e-paper innovations and solutions to empower a wide range of industries.


Live customer and audience communication

DKE exhibition area is full of popularity, the business and marketing team has always been enthusiastic during the exhibition for each audience and customers patiently explain the product, analyze the market, answer questions, listen carefully to solve everyone’s needs, and bring professional product demonstration and solution sharing, attracting a large number of visitors to visit, lively.


2023 Global e-paper Technology and Application Summit Forum and Industrial Research Conference

On October 11, 2023, the Global e-paper Technology and Application Summit Forum and Industrial Research Conference were held at the same time as the exhibition. The guests of this conference covered well-known experts, scholars, association leaders, leaders of leading enterprises, and elites from the industry from the global e-paper field, and shared wonderful information on the e-paper market, cutting-edge trends, innovative applications, and future patterns, attracting hundreds of visitors to attend the site.


The meeting was addressed by Zhou Aijun, chairman of Zhejiang Dongfang Kemai Electronics Co., LTD./President of the Guangdong e-paper Industry Promotion Association. Zhou Aijun said in his speech that the new display industry continues to maintain a rapid growth trend, and electronic paper, as an important part of the new display technology, plays an increasingly important role.


At present, with the rapid development of 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and other technologies, the pace of global green and low-carbon transformation has gradually accelerated, the rise of the Internet of Things, AIoT fields, and the extensive layout of e-paper applications, e-paper readers into the era of color, etc., has become an inevitable trend and a consensus. They have added a series of new opportunities for the development of the electronic paper industry, and the future application space and market share are expected to accelerate.


Zhou Aijun also pointed out that 2023 is the e-paper industry ecological adjustment cycle year, in the new development pattern, e-paper industry chain partners should strengthen their comprehensive strength and competitiveness, work together to play synergistic effect, jointly build, cooperate,e and win-win, the e-paper industry bigger and stronger, and jointly create a vigorous new development of the e-paper industry.


At the same time, the conference also held a grand opening ceremony for the Guangdong e-paper Industry Promotion Association Application Innovation Service Center(Chengdu). Mr.Zhou Aijun, chairman of DKE/President of Guangdong E-Paper Industry Promotion Association, and Mr.Liu Senhua, general manager of E Ink China/Executive President of Guangdong e-Paper Industry Promotion Association, jointly unveiled the ceremony. More than 100 industry colleagues witnessed this important moment.


The establishment of the application innovation service center has far-reaching significance for the electronic paper industry to gather the strength of all parties, integrate industrial resources, build an industry exchange platform, improve the industrial chain, and promote the development of industrial agglomeration.


This time, the DKE took the exhibition platform as a bridge to show new products and new technologies to industry partners and new and old users, and jointly exchange and discuss the development trends of the industry. In future development, DKE will continue to maintain exchanges and cooperation with e-paper industry partners, drive new demands, spark new scenarios, push the advantages and characteristics of e-paper to more industrial display applications, and play a positive role in the development of the e-paper industry!





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