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DKE appeared at the 21st China Electronic Information Expo eMEX2023

13 11 月, 2023

From November 9 to 11, the 21st China(Suzhou)Electronic Information Expo eMEX2023, with the theme of”Digital empowerment, innovation, and intelligent manufacturing”, was grandly opened at Suzhou International Expo Center.


China(Suzhou)Electronic Information Expo is a national-level electronic information industry chain display platform jointly created by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the Jiangsu Provincial government, bringing together more than 1,000 domestic and foreign enterprises to reflect the development achievements in the field of electronic information.




The exhibition site focused on the display of semiconductors and their applications, intelligent manufacturing, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and other new generations of cutting-edge products, new technologies, and new services, sharing the electronics industry in the”smart change number change”new opportunities to achieve digital, intelligent, green and sustainable development of a new stage.

With the theme of”E-paper Display Technology and Application Museum”, E Ink and Guangdong E-Paper Industry Promotion Association were invited to participate in this eMEX2023, presenting a new era of colorful electronic information industry enabled by e-paper with the latest e-paper technology and application direction.




As a manufacturer and service provider of electronic paper display technology and the president unit of the Guangdong Electronic Paper Industry Promotion Association,  with a full range of electronic paper display module products and technologies, appeared in C1 Hall G44-Electronic paper Display Technology and Application Hall. A comprehensive demonstration of how a wide range of e-paper digital display applications and solutions can help accelerate innovation and sustainable development in the electronics industry, with a wide range of applications.




Focusing on the market demand of the electronic information industry, DKE Oriental Pulse exhibited the electronic paper display module products of black and white/low temperature, black and white red/black and white yellow, E5 four colors, N Color seven colors, Prism color-changing, flexible, segment code series, showing the product solutions applied in smart education, smart office, smart business display, new retail, electronic consumption, and other fields.




At the exhibition, DKE electronic paper products with ultra-low power consumption, passive constant display,paper-like appearance, health care flexible bending, and other characteristics attracted many industry colleagues, media representatives, and representatives of the exhibition enterprises, DKE senior business team and technical leaders also conducted in-depth exchanges with you. Answer the e-paper series questions and share the latest technical achievements and future development trends of e-paper to further expand the industry”circle of friends”.



2023 is a year of accelerated digital transformation of traditional industries and a year of full strength of the digital economy. As the foundation of the digital economy, the electronic information industry is an important support for implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and cultivating new growth drivers, and its leading role in economic and social development has become increasingly prominent.


In the era of”digital wisdom butterfly change”, electronic paper, as a new green and low-carbon display material, is more in line with the development trend of modern society.


With deep experience in e-paper display technology manufacturing services, DKE continues to increase e-paper product research and development and innovation, timely and accurately grasp market trends, strengthen forward-looking layout and intra-industry exchanges, and constantly explore market segmentation needs. Relying on efficient production line operation and a flexible product portfolio, DKE continues to expand the intelligent display boundaries of electronic information industry scenarios. Enable the e-paper display effect, and join hands with the industry to wave the”new blue ocean” of the digital economy.


Electronic paper display technology has been in constant innovation. In the future, with the ultra-rapid development of the electronic information industry, we will continue to deepen the advantages of the characteristics of electronic paper, play the positive significance of the green technology of electronic paper, and provide new impetus for the development of China’s electronic information industry.






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