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IADS2023 | DKE was invited to 2023 International Automotive Display Industry Development Summit Forum

24 10 月, 2023

On October 20, the 2023 International Automotive Display Industry Development Summit Forum was successfully held at Shanghai Greenland Conference Center, with the theme of “Intelligent Trend Looking Forward to the Future”, a comprehensive and multi-dimensional discussion of the evolution trend of automotive display technology and future market prospects and opportunities and challenges. The summit was co-sponsored by CINNO Research and Shanghai Liangyi Enterprise Management Consulting Co., LTD., and supported by the e-paper Industry Alliance.


DKE was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech titled”Changing Colors Give Emotional interaction-Prism Color-changing electronic paper Product Sharing”, sharing with experts, scholars, and representatives of industry leaders the new progress, new achievements, new trends, and future application prospects of color-changing electronic paper display technology applied to the automotive display industry.



In this keynote speech, Qiu Zhijian, R&D Director of DKE, shared the display principle of e-paper technology, the characteristic advantages of bistable, reflective and flexible, and green and low-carbon benefits; This paper introduces the subdivision application scenarios and technical processes of Prism color-changing electronic paper in the automotive field and explains for the public how the automotive industry can rely on electronic paper display technology to create smart display surfaces that can be transformed into multi-colors, which can help the intelligent and networked development of the global automotive industry and lead the dynamic aesthetic technology reform.





At the summit, DKE also showed the electrochromic version of Cyberdog2, a four-legged bionic robot jointly launched with Xiaomi using E Ink Prism 1 e-ink technology, explaining the innovative display technology that digitally changes the color of the skin surface; At the same time, the application cases of Prism color-changing e-paper in fashion design, decoration, smart home, smart space and other fields are exhibited, fully reflecting the plasticity and breakthrough of e-paper display technology in different fields of the Internet of things.






Qiu Zhijian said that with the electronic paper industry”standing on the tuyere”, the technical principles and commercial value are more and more people are concerned and recognized.


As a manufacturing and service provider of e-paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things, DKE will join hands with e-paper industry ecological partners in the future to achieve a greater leap in e-paper display technology to color and dynamic display, and at the same time further, gather awareness with all parties in society to jointly meet the arrival of the era of intelligent change in the global automotive industry. Enabling the automotive display industry’s innovative development direction of electronic paper. The participating units reached a broad consensus and received warm responses.


Through this industry summit, DKE will also be committed to continuing to deepen electronic paper product technology in the future, give full play to technology leadership and synergy,  jointly promote the establishment of innovative development and application with upstream and downstream partners, and inject new momentum into the comprehensive layout and development of new formats in the intelligent connected automobile industry and the vehicle display industry.







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