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Full analysis of Prism™ e-paper display technology

20 11 月, 2023

As the terminal display interface of the Internet of Things information chain, electronic paper technology continues to improve, and its application fields cover all aspects of daily life such as retail, business display, education, office, transportation, logistics, and medical care.

Prism™color-changing electronic paper has become a new hot spot this year, with the BMW concept car, millet bionic robot, and Kohler color-changing toilet using color-changing electronic ink screens and frequently appearing in well-known exhibitions at home and abroad, so that people from all walks of life have produced more e-paper innovative application thinking space.
So what is the main technology behind Prism™color-changing e-paper? What are the main advantages? What needs can be met by users? Today, we will bring you a quick article to understand, to bring you the answer!

01:What is E Ink Prism™?



E Ink Prism™is called color-changing electronic paper, which can change or flash color between two colors, and can be freely cut into any shape, combined with other surface materials, structures, and applications, through customized and programmed design, to achieve color conversion between colors, so that the static surface can dynamically display color or pattern, water resistance, scratch resistance, Used in consumer electronics, home appliances, building appearance, exhibition decoration, automotive and other fields of surface.

02:Technical principles of E Ink Prism™

Prism™Color-changing e-paper is also based on two-color e-ink technology and contains charged particles of two colors: a white particle and a colored particle, where the color particles can be: black, yellow, green, red, brown, dark blue and light blue.
Black and white e-ink, for example, consists of millions of microcapsules, each containing negatively charged white particles and positively charged black particles suspended in a clear liquid. There are positive and negative electrodes on the top and bottom of the e-ink.


Prim™two-color e-ink works by electrodeposition of black and white particles under the action of voltage to control the position distribution of the two particles in a small space, which in turn forms different gray levels on the screen surface. Using the positive and negative attraction principle, when the electric field is switched on, the corresponding black or white particles will move to the top of the microcapsule, and the user can see black or white on the block.




Other colors of Prism™color-changing e-paper work in the same way. The electronic ink made of microcapsules is coated on a layer of plastic film, which is called electronic ink film(FPL). The double ITO Prim™color-changing e-paper is manufactured with ITO FILM and PS protective film on top and bottom of the e-ink film.

In the design process, without relying on the TFT substrate, the upper and lower two electrodes can be controlled and driven, and the designer can cut out any required shape.

03:Features and advantages of E Ink Prism™technology

Prism™Color-changing e-paper can be controlled by connecting the upper and lower electrodes at 15V without relying on the TFT substrate and requiring no complex circuit design. Under the premise of ensuring the conduction of both ends, it can be cut into any shape to meet the infinite creative possibilities of designers. Its change mode has two driving modes: flicker drive and gradient display.


Scintillation drive mode


Gradient display mode

Prism™color-changing e-paper is also bistable, and the picture will continue to appear on the screen without disappearing when the power supply is completely removed. Only when replacing the screen needs to consume electricity, with excellent power saving performance. In the case of updating the screen every minute, the power consumption is only 0.04 watts/square meter.
Prism™Color-changing e-paper also has a reflective”paper-like display” technology that uses an ambient light source to hit the color-changing e-paper and then refract the light into the viewer’s eye, the same as traditional paper or objects in life, and the brighter the ambient light source, the more clearly visible; Related application products do not glow during the process of style change, giving objects dynamic performance can be integrated with the environment, creating a special atmosphere and interactive experience.

04:E Ink Prism™technology development process


From the stunning BMW iX Flow color-changing concept car unveiled at CES in early 2022, which uses the first generation of two-color Prism™color-changing e-paper, to the colorful clothing applied to the BMW Dee body at CES 2023, Prism™Color-changing e-paper technology takes two-color alternation to the next step Prism™color e-paper.

In the future development of technology, Prism™will also introduce outdoor application technology to meet the application needs of different environments.

05:E Ink Prism™application manufacturing process


06:E Ink Prism™application field introduction

Prism™color-changing electronic paper is simple to make, combined with its many unique advantages, it can be seen in a variety of applications.

Automotive application field




Using the light, flexible, and flexible properties of Prism™color-changing e-paper, attach to the surface or interior of the car, giving the car emotional interaction through color alternations.




The mastermind is the BMW Dee Concept, which uses the latest Prism™3 color e-paper, which can change up to 32 colors through voltage pulse control.

Fashion design field




Using Prism™color-changing electronic paper can be cut at will, clothing designers can not be bound by the material, free to use their imagination to create colorful fashion cutting-edge clothing; It can also be attached to the Prism™FPL with a flexible substrate, and is designed as an independent controllable accessory based on segwise e-paper technology. It can be used in various fashion accessories, and consumers can change the style of accessories at will through the mobile APP.


Architectural decoration




Using Segment code technology, Prism™color-changing electronic paper is designed as a single electronic tile with an independent and controllable two-color exchange, which is laid on the building surface in the form of splicing. Its simple structure, no light, no light pollution, and ultra-low power consumption give static space more imagination and are currently widely used in the field of architectural decoration.


Similarly, the use of Prism™color-changing electronic paper in the field of home decoration can be attached to the surface of home appliances or background walls, color between the flow, quiet, and no sense of harmony.


To sum up, Prism™color-changing e-paper has attracted wide attention due to its unique visual effects and flexible processing based on the advantages of e-paper characteristics. With the continuous improvement of the industry’s demand and requirements for Prism™e-paper technology in the IoT era of the smart society, Prism™e-paper will gradually become a new pillar in the e-paper industry.


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