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Directly hit the first day of 2023 DKE IOTE Exhibition

12 10 月, 2023

On the morning of September 20, the highly anticipated IOTE2023 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition was successfully opened in the new hall of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.


As the largest professional exhibition in the Internet of Things industry and covering the most industrial chain enterprises, this conference has attracted 600+well-known enterprises from smart cities, smart retail, industry, logistics, infrastructure, and other fields to participate in the exhibition, and the cumulative audience is expected to exceed 130,000+people.


As a manufacturing and service provider of electronic paper display technology in the Internet of Things field, DKE specializes in the research and development, design, production, and sales of electronic paper display module products. It is committed to making electronic paper enter every family and every organization,  building an intelligent world where everything is connected, and helping the Internet of Things lead thousands of industries to realize intelligent, digital, and green transformation with better electronic paper product technology. Use display technology to empower society to achieve sustainable development.



During the exhibition, the on-site guests not only understood the broad application field of e-paper display under the background of the development of smart city technology, but also felt the development scale and speed of DKE as one of the core enterprises of the global e-paper industry chain, and the technical characteristics and advantages of products. After laying the foundation for the long-term development of DKE, DKE is expected to make a positive impact and contribution to the improvement and sustainability of the global Internet of Things development and environment.

DKE booth highlights invite you to review the scene


On the first day of the exhibition, many industry insiders and exhibitors from all over the country and overseas regions stopped at the DKE booth, showing strong interest and recognition of DKE electronic paper products and technologies.

Our staff warmly explains to visitors through explanation and practical operation and truly reproduces the characteristics and advantages of DKE e-paper products and technologies.

Immersive detailed scene creation
To meet the needs of the Internet of Things diversified formats

At this IOIE2023 International Internet of Things Exhibition, we not only brought a full range of e-paper display module products, but also demonstrated the operation effect and functional performance of e-paper displays in a variety of popular IoT application scenarios, and focused on the introduction of large-size full-color series and Prism series e-paper product technology and innovation cases. Let the audience feel the immersive electronic paper display technology”show” skills, give play to its value and energy efficiency, and empower the development of the Internet of Things.

Large-size product range


Compared with the traditional three-color series, black and white+low-temperature series, there has been a technological breakthrough in the electronic paper display color, size, and other aspects, so that the Internet of Things application field has a greater space for innovation, to provide more diversified end products.

Prism Product Family


The exhibition area includes the fashion created by Prism color-changing electronic paper technology, the bionic robot Cyberdog2, electronic tiles, and fashion lights showing the digital technology realization of dynamic display of electronic paper, which has higher plasticity and breakthrough.

IoT smart retail product application


IoT smart education product application


IoT smart transportation product application


IoT smart factory product application


Based on the existing electronic paper module product display, this year, DKE focuses on the refined scene, bringing you a variety of different types of electronic paper display technology solutions in smart retail, smart education, smart transportation, and smart factory, which not only meets the differentiated needs of different industries, different scenarios, and different customers in the era of all things intelligent. It also demonstrates the strength of DKE’s electronic paper display technology products.

DKE · IOTE2023 The visual feast continues

This exhibition is an important platform for DKE to show its brand influence and product technical strength, and it is also a good opportunity for in-depth exchanges and cooperation with industry colleagues and partners. We will, as always, adhere to our corporate social responsibility, continue to promote technological innovation of electronic paper products, and constantly”carbon” to contribute.






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