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IOTE2023 Thank you for meeting and winning. DKE is looking forward to seeing you again

12 10 月, 2023

On the afternoon of September 22, 2023, the three-day IOTE2023 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition Shenzhen Station came to a successful end. As a manufacturer and service provider of electronic paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things, DKE presented a full range of electronic paper products and innovative achievements at the exhibition, showing our advantages in technology and service to the industry and domestic and foreign audiences.




Thank you for your visit and guidance during the 3-day exhibition, and thank every partner for their trust and support. Although the exhibition has been successfully concluded, there are many wonderful scenes worth reviewing together…


DKE-Prism keynote
The first electronic paper industry innovation application Forum


The IOTE2023, hosted by Shenzhen iot Media Co., LTD., CINNO·ePaper Insight, and co-organized by the special electronic paper Industry Alliance, the”2023″New Vision·Paperless Environment, the first electronic paper Industry Innovation Application Forum” was successfully held at the same time. At the meeting,  several guests from the upstream and downstream of the e-paper industry took the stage to deliver keynote speeches, focusing on the original application case stories and achievements of e-paper in various fields of the Internet of Things.




At this meeting, Zhou Aijun, chairman of DKE Co., Ltd. was invited to attend and shared his views on the electronic paper industry and the current rapid growth trend of the industry at the conference. He stressed that in the context of current policy support and global”dual carbon” strategy and technological development, electronic paper as a new display industry has great potential, and called for industrial chain partners to achieve sound development and jointly promote the future of the industry.




Qiu Zhijian, engineering and technical director of color e-paper research and development and application of DKE delivered a keynote speech entitled”Prism color-changing e-paper Makes the product surface flexible”, showing the surprising technical achievements and application concept prospects of Prism color-changing e-paper for the guests.




At the meeting, we showed the electrochromic version of Cyberdog2, a four-legged bionic robot jointly launched by DKE and Xiaomi using E Ink Prism 1 e-ink technology, which enables the four-legged bionic robot to realize the one-click color-changing function on the skin surface. It is the application of electronic paper display technology to the field of artificial intelligence.


The application of innovative technology to digitally change colors opens up new dimensions for users at the level of design, personalization, and self-expression.


In addition, we also showed the comprehensive innovation of Xiaomi Cyberdog2 in intelligent interaction for you, so that you can feel immersive, it can accurately perceive the surrounding environment, but also recognize the owner’s face, voice, and posture, to achieve real humanized interaction.

According to the current market application status and demand trend of Prism color-changing electronic paper, Qiu Zhijian believes that the next Prism series of products will show several highly integrated and combined functions. At the same time, with the rapid growth of demand for e-paper displays in application scenarios such as the Internet of Things, DKE will also work with ecological partners to carry out more in-depth cooperation and strive to bring more intelligent, technological, green, and innovative experience to users around the world.

The full-color series of electronic paper won the gold medal
Group”new” shine IOTE2023




IOTE2023 In the same period, the winners of”IOTE Gold Award 2023 Innovative Products” were announced and the award ceremony was held. DKE E5 series and N Color series full-color electronic paper display module products with strong product advantages, innovative level, practical promotion, and economic and social benefits, won the”IOTE2023 Gold Medal” on the spot, and won professional field recognition.


The honor of the”IOTE Gold Medal” of the double series products was obtained thanks to DKE’s continuous deep cultivation and continuous improvement of independent innovation and research and development capabilities.


In the future, we will always enhance the core technology and innovation ability in the field of electronic paper as the foundation and core competitiveness, and work together to focus on various industry segments, laying the foundation for the emerging application field market of all things intelligent, creating extraordinary value and shining in the Internet of Things digital display scene.

Feel the scene
The electronic paper shows the future

For three days, the DKE booth received the attention of guests and new and old customers, and the crowd was surging and the heat was rising. Focusing on product technology and business services, we actively communicated with the audience and guests through warm and friendly communication and meticulous and thoughtful high-quality service, fully demonstrating the company’s brand influence and strength, and winning a lot of attention and praise.



The end does not end”eye” color does not stop
We look forward to seeing you again


For DKE, the customer’s choice of trust and honor has once again strengthened our vision and determination to realize our paper-like color dream, let e-paper enter every family and every organization, and build a smart world where everything is connected.


In the future, we will continue to follow the development trend of the industry and market, innovate and improve e-paper products and technologies, and work together with partners to expand a broader space for the development of the Internet of Things, create unlimited possibilities for the application value of e-paper, and bring more”eyes” to the future of global customers.





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