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New age flexible e-paper display:e-paper touch display crypto wallet -Ledger Stax

2 7 月, 2024

In today’s era of rapid development of mobile technology, a variety of innovative technologies are emerging, among which flexible e-paper display technology is leading a new change with its unique advantages.

In recent years, the application of flexible displays in the field of mobile technology has shown significant growth. According to industry research organization Touch Display Research, flexible and curved displays accounted for 16% of the global display device market in 2023, compared to only 1% in 2013; according to Business Research, the market is expected to reach $244,973 million by 2031, with a compound annual growth rate of 34.5% during the forecast period. annual growth rate of 34.5%.

Flexible displays are ubiquitous from smartphones to tablets, from smartwatches to wearables, from digital billboards to vehicle displays. These mobile devices introduce a whole new level of flexibility, enabling users to have a richer experience. Behind this trend is a rising consumer demand for more convenient and personalized devices.

The future of the new era of mobile innovation is flexible and changing, and redefining the way we interact with technology. Manufacturers are also pushing the limits of design to cater to different user preferences.

eink touch screen flexible epaper display

Recently, DKE Orient Tech Pulse has partnered with FlexEnable and Synerchip Technology to realize the world’s first e-paper touch display crypto wallet Ledger Stax 180° bend flexible e-ink screen design. This commercial application of flexible e-paper has also brought a better user experience to users around the globe, enabling flexible adaptability to meet the superior performance of e-paper.

eink touch screen flexible epaper display

Flexible e-paper displays play a crucial role in the evolution of mobile technology. It provides device manufacturers with more design possibilities, enabling them to create products with different forms and unique functions to meet the needs of different users. At the same time, it also promotes the development of the related industrial chain, from material research and development to manufacturing, all of which are constantly innovating and progressing.

Flexible e-paper display is mainly composed of FPL (e-paper film), PS film (polystyrene protective film), PI flexible substrate (polyimide film), IC (integrated circuit chip), FPC (flexible circuit board).PI flexible substrate, FPL, PS film from bottom to top sequentially pasted together, IC and FPC by the ACF (anisotropic conductive adhesive) is fixed in the PI flexible substrate.

eink touch screen flexible epaper display

The main difference of flexible e-paper displays compared to conventional e-paper displays is that the etched line TFT of conventional e-paper displays is replaced with a PI flexible substrate, which is the key factor in realizing flexibility. The existing TFT is a hardboard line, so the production of flexible e-paper will be etched lines on the TFT to the PI flexible substrate, thus realizing the technical effect of flexibility, bending and not easy to break.

How to make the screen thinner, lighter, softer and more portable while carrying more information is a technical subject we are constantly refining. dke never stops its extensive and in-depth technological research and innovation in the key technology field of flexible e-paper, and set up a flexible e-paper research and development team in 2020 to develop and expand the application of flexible e-paper display technology in various Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent products with our industry partners, so as to make the flexible e-paper display technology more accessible to the public. We will work with industry partners to develop and expand the application of flexible e-paper display technology in various Internet of Things (IoT) smart products, so that more smart electronic devices can be integrated into every aspect of users’ lives around the world in a softer and more “flexible” way.

eink touch screen flexible epaper display

In the future, with the continuous breakthroughs in technology, flexible e-paper displays are expected to be used in more fields, such as health care, transportation, logistics, etc., bringing more convenience and innovation to people’s lives while leading mobile technology to a more exciting new era. Let’s wait and see, looking forward to it bring more beyond the expectations of the surprise and change.



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