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Good news! DKE was selected as the first batch of Jiaxing green factory in 2024.

24 6 月, 2024

Recently, Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology announced the first batch of Jiaxing green industrial parks and factories list in 2024, and DKE Zhejiang Fuyong Electronic Technology Co.

Municipal green factory selection aims to give play to the green manufacturing advanced models to lead the demonstration role of the manufacturing industry to lead the green and low-carbon transformation, guide enterprises to actively benchmark green manufacturing standards, and continue to strengthen the green and low-carbon development capacity building, and implement the national green manufacturing system construction work deployment. The selection is full recognition of DKE’s green manufacturing, guiding enterprises to actively respond to the national “dual-carbon” goal and establish a green and sustainable development path in line with the development of enterprises.


In recent years, DKE, as a manufacturing service provider of e-paper display technology, has focused on the national “dual-carbon” goal, practices the concept of sustainable development, integrates energy saving and environmental protection into the spirit of the enterprise, enterprise products, enterprise manufacturing, etc., and implements it into every workflow, from the establishment of a green supply chain at the source of procurement to the design of e-paper products. From establishing a green supply chain at the source of procurement to adhering to the green and sustainable characteristics of e-paper product design and R&D, to introducing the concept of green ecological design in manufacturing, we have achieved a year-on-year decrease in the comprehensive energy consumption of our products, reduced production costs, and made a positive contribution to the goal of “Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutral”.

DKE - Specialized in the Internet of Things (IoT) field, DKE is a professional manufacturer of electric paper display technology.


We take the construction of digital factory as an entry point, introduce the concept of 5.0 digital intelligent factory, fully introduce ERP, MES, CRM, and other information management systems to the production line and all related sectors, fully utilize digital technology to enhance the driving ability of production equipment, manufacturing capacity, green energy-saving and synergy, and adopt environmentally friendly and energy-saving automated production line equipment to phase out the high-energy-consuming and old equipment, so as to realize the following Green and low-carbon production of Monochrome epaper, Colour E-Paper Display, Segment E-Paper Display, Prism e-paper, and Flexble screen.


At the same time, we set up the photovoltaic power generation project as a special topic to break through, and use photovoltaic power generation in the No. 2 and No. 3 factories of Zhejiang Fuyong Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to build the Fuyong electronic paper factory into a photovoltaic green energy base, to enhance the proportion of green energy used in the manufacturing process, to effectively save energy and reduce emissions, and to contribute to the green ecological development of the power of Science Pulse.



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