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ePaper large screen display: leading the new trend of information visualization

19 12 月, 2023

ePaper large screen display

The rapid development of modern science and technology has brought unprecedented opportunities and values to various industries, and one of the eye-catching display technology applications is the large-size electronic paper display. This innovative display technology with its no power consumption, green and low-carbon, realistic color effect, and paper-like presentation has become a new trend in current information display and has been a concern by the majority of users. 


Various IoT devices in smart cities face a variety of stringent environmental requirements, and ultra-low power consumption, wireless networking, wireless power supply, and outdoor visual large-size electronic paper display can meet these common key requirements, and the application range is very wide. Whether it is commercial display, public transportation, or education office, it can achieve better results and green benefits through electronic paper large-screen display.





In the commercial field, the large-size electronic paper display is gradually becoming an important means of publicity in retail department stores, restaurants, exhibitions, and other places. Color large size electronic paper digital posters can provide a display quality comparable to advanced paper color printing and passive constant display, such information visualization method has brought revolutionary changes to various industries in the commercial field.






In the field of transportation,large-size e-paper displays have the advantages of both digital innovation and sustainable development.


Using 100,000 32-inch e-paper displays, assuming 20 hours of daily operation, four updates per hour, and five years of use, e-paper displays are expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 500,000 tons compared to LCD screens. If compared to traditional disposable paper, it can reduce CO2 emissions by about 4 million tons.






In the field of education office, the large-size electronic paper display has also been widely recognized and used. Compared with LCD screen products, the large-size electronic paper kanban has the characteristics of good visibility, low energy consumption, and low-carbon environmental protection, and will not appear after a long time of use after the aging of the LCD screen polarization situation, still clearly visible; At the same time, it is equipped with free writing function, which provides unlimited space for unlimited creativity.

With the continuous progress of electronic paper display technology and the extensive expansion of applications,large-size electronic paper displays will usher in a broader development prospect.






In response to the enthusiastic market demand, DKE’s new product line has expanded the large-size series of electronic paper display module products, and is committed to providing global customers with terminal applications suitable for various situations, bringing more convenience and surprises, whether it is business, transportation, education, office or public display fields, it will play a greater role and lead the new trend of information display.







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