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DKE ePaper at Shenzhen IOTE 2022 Exhibition

29 3 月, 2023

On November 15, 2022, the 18th IOTE2022 International Internet of Things Exhibition was held as scheduled at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. 



As a manufacturing service provider of new ePaper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things, DKE made an amazing appearance with a full series of electronic paper module products and the latest technology, fully demonstrating the paperless and green display technology of electronic paper in the smart city and various fields of the Internet of Things, presenting an unparalleled visual feast for the audience.


IOTE International IoT Exhibition, founded in 2009, has been successfully held 16 times, it is a professional international IoT industry exhibition. The theme of IOTE2022 Shenzhen station is” Digital intelligence core and Cloud Co-creation”, gathering core technologies of the Internet of Things such as perception, communication, platform, security, and artificial intelligence, covering the perception layer, transmission layer, computing, and platform layer and application layer to demonstrate the whole industry chain of the Internet of Things and inject new momentum into the Internet of Things industry with new technologies, new applications, and new business models.


With an exhibition area of more than 50,000 square meters,100,000 professional visitors from all over the country and more than 400 well-known exhibitors in the industry held exchanges and displays at the exhibition site. During the same period,16 professional industry forums focused on new concepts and new trends in the diversified fields of the Internet of Things were held to discuss the new direction, new technology, and new solutions for the future development of the Internet of Things.


During IOTE2022, the standard matrix series, E5 series, N Color series, low-temperature series, flexible series, segment code series, and Prism series of DKE e-paper product area appeared, showing the industry the most cutting-edge green digital display of e-paper technology in the Internet of Things industry. Attracting visitors to the exhibition has stopped to enjoy the experience.

DKE full series electronic paper module product display.


Standard series: with bistable and reflective characteristics, ultra-low power consumption,paper-like feeling, eye protection without blue light, energy saving and comfort, thin,ultra-wide Angle of view, and many other features, is the first choice of intelligent display ideal interface.




E5 Series: Four-color products adopt E Ink Spectra 3100 technology to shorten the image refresh speed and provide more vivid and saturated black, white, yellow, and red color combinations for a more eye-catching effect.




N Color series: Based on E Ink ACeP technology, N color products achieve the combination of seven colors display, significantly improving the color contrast, so that the imaging is more three-dimensional, with more visual impact.



Low-temperature series: Low-temperature series products use E-Ink technology to operate at 25 °C for coolers, freezers, etc.



Segment series: Segment products will be required to display the graphic text, etched or printed on different substrates as the display segment, through the black and white switch between the display segment and the background, display different content, and can be customized according to the actual application requirements of customers, no matter shape, size, format, style, can provide customers with perfect solutions.



Flexible series: Flexible products have the characteristics of being bendable, thin and impact-resistant, fast refresh speed, low static power consumption, suitable for smart wear and smart home, and other application environments.



To facilitate the development of the Internet of Things industry



With the deepening of the national” dual carbon” strategy, and the booming development of emerging industries such as the Internet of Things and big data, the electronic paper has attracted wide attention for its advantages of green environmental protection, energy saving, and lasting stability, and the industry has a broader prospect.


DKE has always adhered to the strategic line of independent research and development, constantly promoted the research and development and industrial application of new products and technologies, actively responded to the national strategy of” carbon peak, carbon neutrality”, and perfectly applied all types of e-paper module products to the new requirements of low-carbon environmental protection and digital interconnection in the intelligent scene of the Internet of Things. We will continue to output valuable suggestions and industry-leading product solutions for customers and work with upstream and downstream partners to promote green and sustainable innovative development in the Internet of Things field, helping the Internet of Things industrial chain to expand steadily and develop rapidly.



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